Sunday, June 28, 2015

Sometimes it's wrong to be right

   For some time now I've been going thru a major upheaval of all things faith and theology. Don't get me wrong it's been a really good thing but my desire to really understand has become a point of contention in my response and interaction with others point of view. My friend  Randall Worley has said something to me before that has really began to show me my arrogance in my change of views. 

"If it doesn't cause me to love God more, myself more, and others more then it's heresy." 

  This is his litmus test for heresy and what I've been pondering as of late. Changing what you believe on topics and evolving faith is a part of every persons journey. There's a way to share your point to help someone and then there's a way to make them turn deaf ear to what you say. I've sadly been entrenched in the latter. So despite my growing in revelation, my desire to be right has caused some people to think I'm an asshole. To which to some degree I would say you're right. Hopefully though you'll see me with eyes of grace and forgiveness and know I'm still growing in love myself. Sorry for not loving well. Sometimes being right is wrong....being right at the cost of not loving is wrong. 

 Maybe we can all take a lesson from my screw up in the light of gay marriage rulings or confederate flag debates. You may be right, you may be wrong, but if you're  not loving then it's ALL wrong. I'm not done questioning a lot, I'm not done trying to challenge the systems, and mind sets of the current church and world, but I am done with being bad at loving thy neighbor.

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