Monday, September 7, 2015

Legos: a picture of real community

   Everyone has seen or played with a Lego before. Most everyone has seen the very funny Lego movie. Legos are a timeless toy. Since their arrival on the toy market they keep finding their way into kids homes around the world. The marketing and gimmicks may change but the concept is always the same....a ton of little individual pieces that once placed together have endless possibilities. Short ones, long ones, wide ones, zig zags, etc. Each a different purpose but all together for the purpose of building a fortress, or little people, maybe even a car, or my personal favorite a millennium falcon!

  My point here is short and yet for me profound. The Legos are speaking to us, or maybe more the Holy Spirit via the example of Legos. Though we are all individual people, our purpose is collective. We were not made to do this alone. We are designed for family and friendship. At our core we are a Lego...fashioned to  link to others for a common goal. Love is our goal. Shared life is our mission. Joint participation is our cause. To quote my friend Ben Delgado - There is no 'us' and 'them' only US and unrealized US. We need're not alone.