Monday, October 19, 2015

God of the blues

  For most of my life I've listened to all types of music. (With the exception of the short time in my early teen years that it was hardcore or piss poor!) I love a sweet bluesy lick on a guitar. It feels like home when I hear bluegrass. I can head bang to Rage Against the Machine, and have a romantic date with Maggie while listening to John Legend. I do not believe in sacred or secular. I hear The Lord's voice in U2 and feels his joy in a Bruno Mars song. Even the most hallow songs of hopelessness I can hear a persons heart cry like a  psalm, and I know God has heard that cry with compassion. 

  He's the Father of music, all music. Not just your cookie cutter hillsong tunes. Although, you can find him in those too. Put your iPod on shuffle and go see where he may show up. 


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